Do you feel that way sometimes?

Hi guys!


I hope you all are doing well.

It’s super hard for me to actually to this whole blogging thing, I really want to

make it work. So, I was thinking actually about scheduling my time.

I recently started drawing and it’s exciting, I mean I used to start drawing something

and then I just stopped in the process because I was thinking that I wasn’t good enough for this or that it’s just ugly.

But with time I understand that I love what I do when I don’t overthink too much,

just relax and draw whatever is on my mind.

Do you feel that way sometimes?


So, back to scrapbooking- I took some online classes that has to do with video editing, so my videos on youtube will look decent.

I uploaded 2 videos to my youtube channel: sheryl banares I think those were the firsts layouts I made after a break of almost

half year. wow that’s a really long time.

Anyways, check out my processes and be sure to like and subscribe to see more.

If you any tips about how you keep blogging consistently, I will be more happy to hear them out.

this is one of the layouts I made.




see you until next time!

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