No purpose

Hey guys! 

I hope you all are having a great Sunday wherever you are. 

I Don’t know how to explain how I feel. 

I graduated from art college Almost year and a half ago and got my diploma in graphic design, I’m currently studying ux design because I felt I need to understand the fundamentals of user experience design, I think it is essential for my job. 

However, I don’t feel I like this course so much, I can’t say I hate it because it does help me understand why it is important.

I’m not a person who likes doing research or analyzing stuff. As a graphic designer we were taught to do those things but not like really thorough process. At this point I ask myself is it ok for me to feel this way towards this course? I don’t feel connected to the subjects. I can’t even do homework just because I don’t see a point of doing it. 

Thank god its course of once a week for 4 months, I’m waiting for it to end. 

I’m grateful for affording to take this course and understand that I prefer to be right now just a graphic designer.

Who knows maybe in the future I’ll see things differently. I kinda like where I am right now.

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