DIY Album Frame

Hello there 🙂

Today I’m sharing a fun project I made using deco cream, it’s like a whipping cream but for crafts (not edible!). I found this amazing cream on Sophie and Toffee, 

you can find there really cool stuff, like resin, slime and more from Japan and there are lots of tutorials on Youtube on how to create fun projects with those stuff! I highly recommend you to check it!

This is was was my first time using deco cream, but it was easy to use- it really feels like frosting on your cake. it takes about 24 hours for the cream to harden (depends on how much you apply on your project), this was my time to add some embellishments!


I added enamel dots, butterflies, beads, wood veneer- anything that was cute and fun.

Most of the products came from my Hip kits (I Still have so much to work with, YEY!!!)

I used a really cheap frame from IKEA, this was great platform to work with.

Once I finished embellishing the frame and its stand, I waited a day for it to harden.


Then I started creating my pages for the album, this album is all about our short trip to Verona two months ago. This project is great for documenting small and short adventures. I mixed different pattern papers in different sizes and stitched each page to add texture.

To attach the pages I used 2 album rings and voila we finished the album.


Here is a short clip of showing you how I added the deco cream and how in the end the album looks like:

Thanks for joining me and I hope you feel inspired to try something new!


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