Layouts to share!

Hey guys,

It’s been a while I know…

I’m here to share with you my recent layouts that I uploaded to youtube.

All of them are with voice over, so you get to hear my voice, of course you can

mute it if you find it quickly annoying πŸ™‚

I’ve used my stash in order to scrapbook those, since I have so much product that I

haven’t used. Right now my room is kinda messy and maybe seem to some crafters

“scrapbook paradise”, since all my scrapbook supplies are all over the room.

I have to go clean up my scrappy mess, because I do share a room with my boyfriend,

he keeps saying that he doesn’t mind but I do mind.

so enjoy the process videos, let me know it you like it or hate or meeehhh it.

Happy saturday!



Homemade toppers for your scrapbook layouts!

I love this DIY!

I had so much bits and pieces in my stash, I didn’t know what to do with it.

So I went to Pinterest (awesome inspiring place to be!) and the idea came to me.

I’m pretty I’m not the first to make this cute toppers, but thank you people of Pinterest πŸ˜›

I used toothpicks and my stash, it is really easy and fast- anyone can do it and it work great

as an embellishment for your layouts!

I’m on Pinterest, so you can check out as well my inspiration boards.

Have a great week,